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Episode 10

Cuba, Havana, And The Collectivos

Episode 9

Argentina's Most Interesting Facts


Episode 8

Gauchos, the Cowboys of Argentine

Episode 7

The Beautiful Recoleta Cemetery. Eva Peron. Argentine Barbeque.

episode 6

Argentina Stories. Nightlife And Living In Buenos Aires.


The Health Advantages of Travel

Episode 5 

The Mystery Behind The Lost Stones Of The New Clairvaux


Common Sense Travel Etiquette We Hope You Know

episode 4

Diving Iceland's Silfra Fissure. Camper Vans in Iceland.

Episode 3

 400 Year Old Sharks And The Rotten Meat Delicacy.

Episode 2

Icelandic Geothermal Bakery, Spas, And Volcanoes.

Episode 1

Icelandic Turfhouses and Canadian Settlements. Elves.