Episode 19: Too Hot for Planes to Fly, A Bar with an ‘Unhappy Hour’, Cuba Flight Cutbacks.

Oregon National Parks

Why couldn’t planes take off in Phoenix in 118 Degree heat? Airlines are cutting flights to Cuba. A new bar with an ‘unhappy hour’. The Walking Dead cruise. Find out more in the latest travel news episode:

Misfornøyelsesbar Displeasure Bar

A bar called Misfornoyelsesbar or 'Displeasure Bar', recently opened in Norway’s capital city, Oslo. The owner of the bar says he aims to create an unpleasant atmosphere to customers. Christopher Nielsen designed the three roomed bar to represent anxiety, schizophrenia, and paranoia. One room is furnished with child-sized furniture; another has it’s wall painted with distraught faces. The bar even has an unhappy hour were patrons pay more, and pregnant women drink at a discount.

Oregon National Parks

The state of Oregon may start limiting visitors to its National Parks. Some areas have seen a spike in guests of up to 500% in the last two years. Parks that could be impacted are Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, Three Sisters, Diamond Peak and Waldo Lake wilderness. Some proposals to reduce the number of visitors are to start charging for overnight camping, another is to issue a limited number of entry permits for the parks more popular area. Officials say the changes, which aren’t expected to take effect until 2019, should protect the area’s terrain, vegetation, wildlife and water.

Cuba flights

Southwest Airlines is latest U.S. airline to reduce flights to Cuba. American Airlines and JetBlue have also reduced the number of flights from the US to the Caribbean island. Meanwhile Spirit and Frontier airlines have cut all future flights. Although none of President Trump’s Cuba policy changes have taken effect, they’re already having an impact travel.

Walking Dead Cruise

Fans of the Walking Dead can now buy tickets for the official Walking Dead Cruise. The ship, which departs in January next year, will host several of the shows stars and its creator Robert Kirkman. Pre-sale tickets for 2,500 guests are now on sale. The four-night cruise departs from New Orleans and includes meet-and-greet sessions with the cast and crew, as well as question and answers panels, and zombie-themed activities.

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