How Singapore Quickly Became the World's Most Expensive City


For nearly a decade, Singapore has consistently been named the world's most expensive city by many ranking. Anyone who is relocating to Singapore for business or employment should know that they will dig deep into their pockets while living here. So, what could be the main reason for this?

One of the factors considered by the researchers is the cost of having a car. It is no wonder most of the people in Singapore prefer to use the metro train or other public transport means because they cannot afford to obtain the highly regulated car permits. Since this is not the only reason for the high cost of living in Singapore, let us look at some of the other things causing the city to be expensive.

Cost of Clothes

Singapore has appeared on different top ten lists of the most expensive places to buy clothes. It was number three last year behind Zurich, Switzerland and Paris, France which tied for second place. Surprisingly American cities did not appear on the top ten list.

People come from all over the world to buy clothes in Singapore. But the majority of the purchases are made by business travelers and other tourists. Locals are also on the frontline promoting designer clothes in the island state.

Increasing Real Estate Value

It is widely known that owning a house in Singapore is expensive. The demand for good and luxurious houses is still high. Being a city-state reduces the number of affordable houses. Most people rent studios or any other house that can accommodate their families rather than buying a house. Before acquiring a Singapore visa to come and work here, it is crucial to research housing within your price range.

Although the government has several initiatives to promote affordable housing for all people, the upward pressure on prices as a result of demand is still high. Commercial buildings are even more expensive than in many other Asian cities whether you are renting or buying the buildings.

Leisure Activities

The state offers numerous leisure activities. Tourists come from all over the world to enjoy amazing attraction sites. As you explore these sites, you will have to pay some fees, whether to the travel agent or at the entrance. The Singapore Flyer is one of the best places to visit, and you must pay to board the observation wheel. Other great places include Sentosa Beach and a variety of museums.

Whether you are here for a holiday or business, Singapore’s accommodations offer world-class standards at a cost. They provide premium amenities like heated bathrooms and towels, satellite TV, King-size beds and expensive lounges. The furnished apartments and condo units for families on vacation are also on the more expensive side since they provide all the amenities.


There are many other factors that make Singapore expensive. Dining in a fancy restaurant could force you to pay more than in other major cities around the world. However, the Singaporeans seem to have cheaper alternatives for everything. Therefore, these high costs mainly apply to visitors who do not yet know how to cut costs. The good thing is that Singapore offers an excellent standard of living even though you must pay more for it.

Secret Attractions to Explore in New York City


It’s no secret that New York City is one of the most visited urban centers in the world, with its most popular attractions always crowded with tourists, regardless of the season. But it’s a large city, and it has more to offer than the usual landmarks — that is, if you know where to look. For a more exciting adventure, go off the beaten track and discover some of NYC’s hidden gems.


Image Credit: Luke J Spencer, Atlas Obscura

Image Credit: Luke J Spencer, Atlas Obscura

Between two corporate buildings in the Financial District is a secluded public plaza called the Elevated Acre. It’s an area with plenty of gardens and plants situated three stories above ground, with sweeping views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the East River. It is the perfect place to retreat to if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city streets below. Stay until evening to enjoy the acre’s beer garden, where craft beers are served on tap.



You would not expect to see a Jewish attraction in the heart of NYC’s Chinatown, but that’s exactly what the Museum at Eldridge Street is. In fact, the building happens to be the oldest Eastern European Orthodox Jewish synagogue in the entire United States. Thanks to the efforts of a volunteer movement spurred on by NY University professor Gerard Wolfe, it was restored and is now the museum it is today. Here, you’ll find evidence of the city’s Jewish immigrant past, as well as artifacts that chronicle the building’s rich history.



Instead of the tourist-packed New York Botanical Garden, why not opt for Snug Harbor instead? A highlight among its nine gardens is the Chinese Scholar’s Garden, which has a koi-pond, bamboo forest, and rock formations inspired by the works of monks. There is also the Connie Gretz Secret Garden, an intricate maze of boxwoods. In addition to these gardens, Snug Harbor is also home to a number of buildings in various historic architectural styles. Some of these structures now function as art galleries and museums.


Image Source: Atlas Obscura

Image Source: Atlas Obscura

Deep in Midtown Manhattan lies Tannen’s Magic Store, the oldest operating store of its kind. Tannen's sells all kinds of magic items — from invisible paint and multiplying billiard balls, to various versions of the rabbit-producing hat. Every famous magician from the last century has graced this store, which manages to keep a low profile despite its uniqueness. It’s funny because you might think Midtown Manhattan has no more surprises to offer, as it is home to famous landmarks like the Empire State Building, the Grand Central Terminal, and Times Square. Because of these attractions, the area has become one of the most in-demand and congested places in the world. The real estate in this area is so expensive, the average property costs approximately $2 million, according to an article by Yoreevo. And even if you apply for a mortgage, the taxes are also incredibly high. But despite this congestion, even some of the residents aren’t aware of the district’s gems. Tannen’s may be popular among magician circles, but it remains a hidden attraction for only the most adventurous of travelers.



Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery is one of the largest burial grounds in the United States. It is no ordinary cemetery either, with Business Insider noting that it looks more like a beautiful city park than a final resting place. This is because of the various beautiful monuments, four glacial ponds, and lavish tombs fit for ancient kings. Even the cemetery gates are a marvel to look at, since they’re an impressive remnant of the Gothic Revival style. If you don’t mind strolling through thousands of tombstones, then go ahead and give Green-Wood a go. New York City isn’t the only city with secrets. There are hidden gems all over the United States, some of which can be found within popular attractions. To know more about one such example, do listen to Go the Podcast’s episode on Mt. Rushmore.

Your Guide to Food and Fun Down Under

Daniela Hantuchova on the court at the Australian Open — a favorite with local tennis  fans. (Photo by heatherbell2011 / CC BY 2.0)

Daniela Hantuchova on the court at the Australian Open — a favorite with local tennis

fans. (Photo by heatherbell2011 / CC BY 2.0)

Australia is a fantastic country to visit on an extended holiday. With an indigenous culture that stretches back over 40,000 years, breathtaking environments and vibrant modernity, Australia is at once both ancient and future forward.

There are so many activities to do and places to see in this beautiful country that you’ll never get bored. You could even plan a separate itinerary for each day of your holiday depending on which city you visit. One of the best ways to enjoy Australia, however, is from the point of view of a local, so here’s our guide to Aussie-style food and fun!


It’s no secret that Australians have a big passion for sports, especially tennis, rugby, cricket and the Australian Rules Football (AFL). Here are some of the events that you should look out for if you want to feel at home while enjoying some sporting action during your holiday next year:

● Australian Open – Contested in Melbourne Park in 2019, from January 14–27, is the 107th Grand Slam event. The world’s top 100 male and top 100 female players will battle it out on the court for prizes worth an incredible $60.5 million in total. Caroline Wozniacki and Roger Federer, both 2018 champions, will defend their titles, and the legendary Serena Williams has confirmed that she will be back to try and reclaim the Women’s Singles trophy once more.

● Rolex Grand Prix – As we keep the focus on Melbourne for the next highlight of the

Aussie sporting calendar, the always thrilling Rolex Grand Prix will take over the city

(and the Albert Park Formula One circuit) from March 14–17.

● ICC Future Tours Cricket – The 2018/19 cricket season is well underway Down Under.

However, you might be able to take in a few new exciting test matches under the ICC

Future Tours Program for 2019/20 if you’re planning to visit toward the end of 2019.

From November 2019 to January 2020, the Australian team will play three T20s against

Sri Lanka, two Tests and three T20s against Pakistan as well as three Tests and three

ODIs against New Zealand.


As far as entertainment in Australia goes, you can find anything you can think of here, from funky nightlife scenes to the performing arts to plenty of cultural festivals.

The Sydney Opera House, a cultural hot spot Down Under. (Photo by Unknown / CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Sydney Opera House, a cultural hot spot Down Under. (Photo by Unknown / CC BY-SA 3.0)

The iconic Sydney Opera House is the number one destination for culture in the country. And 2019’s calendar is jam-packed with spectacular events and exciting concerts, including performances by the seemingly-immortal Iggy Pop (April 15–17). The Opera House will also host the 2019 Sydney Festival (January 9–27) and the Australian International Music Festival (July 4–9).

For something a bit more unusual, the Dark Mofo art gallery in Berriedale, Tasmania, will run their annual mid-winter festival from June 14–23 in 2019. Never afraid to court controversy,

Dark Mofo’s 2017 event featured the Viking black metal band, Ulver, performance art involving 500 liters of blood and a bull carcass, and even a winter solstice skinny-dip. Although 2019’s events are yet confirmed, you can expect something explosive!

Interestingly, the country has recently jumped on board the global iGaming craze, and there are now several dedicated Australian online platforms and casino rooms in operation. The online casino gaming industry is massive, with revenues reaching the tens of billions, so it’s little wonder that Australian businesses want in on the action.



As you might expect from a country with such a diverse heritage as Australia, the food scene here is eclectic, to say the least. The ubiquitous BBQ reigns supreme during the summer months (naturally). However, you’ll also find a broad range of dishes across Australia, including chicken parmigiana, pumpkin soup, barramundi, meat pie, lamingtons, pavlova and of course, vegemite on toast.

Here are a couple of the exciting food and wine festivals that take place annually throughout Australia if you love food:

● Melbourne Food and Wine Festival – Set to take place in Victoria’s capital city from

March 8–24 in 2019, the festival will feature over 200 separate events, including a dog-

walking winery tour and specially priced menus at top city restaurants.

● Orange F.O.O.D. Week – As the longest running regional food festival in Australia, the

F.O.O.D. (Food of Orange District) week takes place in Orange, New South Wales, from

April 5–14. With the favorite, the Forage event, which involves wine tasting every 500

meters on a vineyard tour, this festival is a must for fans of the grape.

A Note About the Seasons

Since Australia is in the southern hemisphere, the country’s seasons run in reverse to what you may be used to if you are traveling from Europe or North America. The spring-summer months run from September to the end of February while the autumn-winter months start in March and end in August.

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The Hidden Gems of The Bahamas

There are plenty of undiscovered gems on the islands

There are plenty of undiscovered gems on the islands

The islands of the Bahamas are known the world over for their stunning beaches, perfect weather and unparalleled beauty, making them one of the hottest holiday destinations on the planet. From the bustling capital of Nassau to the crystal-clear diving waters, it’s easy to see why so many people put the Bahamas at the top of their bucket list. But just because this archipelago is a hotspot for cruise ships and weddings, it doesn’t mean that there is nowhere left to explore. There are still plenty of beautiful sights to see and experiences to have, you just need to know where to look.

Much like nearby Jamaica, the Bahamas are home to lush greenery and sparkling blue seas, providing the perfect backdrop for visitors to take off on their own adventures. So, where do you start when it comes to finding your own little piece of paradise on these stunning islands? 

Lake Rosa

One of the most stunning places to explore is undoubtedly Lake Rosa, a huge wetland covering a quarter of the 184,000-acre Inagua National Park. This park became the second nature reserve of the Bahamas National Trust in 1965 when it was designated an Important Bird Area (IBA) for the flamingo population of the island. The protected birds set up their nests near the lake, which is the largest salt water lake in the Bahamas. The lake is also home to a huge variety of exotic native species, such as the Bahama Parrot, the Bahama woodstar hummingbird, brown pelicans, American kestrels, tri-colored herons, and snowy egrets. The guided tours are a great way to spend an afternoon, particularly for those interested in photography and wildlife encounters. 

Glass Window Bridge

If you’re looking for a moment of jaw-dropping wonder, then head to the Glass Window Bridge on the island of Eleuthera. A strip of rock just 30 feet wide separates the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the tranquil turquoise-green waters of the Bight of Eleuthera, creating a natural phenomenon that has to be seen to be believed. Storms have repeatedly battered this part of the island, but extensive work has been carried out by the locals to continually strengthen and repair it. It goes without saying that visiting this natural wonder will require you to be very careful! 

Diving is on the top of most visitors' lists, but you can still find places that are untouched.

Diving is on the top of most visitors' lists, but you can still find places that are untouched.

Rock House Hotel

It goes without saying that there are plenty of amazing places to stay on the Bahamas. After all, it is a holiday destination! But if you’re looking for somewhere uniquely placed to give you the best holiday experience, then look no further than the vibrant Rock House Hotel. Originally built in the 1940s, this historic property has been through many transformations over the years, from a private home to a bed and breakfast, but now serves as one of the most upmarket and original places to stay on Harbour Island. Not only does it have ten uniquely decorated rooms, but it also has a pool and a pink sand beach running along the property.

Flying Cloud Catamaran

Whether you’re an experienced sailor or you just want to try something new, taking a trip on this 57ft catamaran will be an experience you will never forget! Sail over to the world-famous Rose Island beach to see its stunning coral reefs before enjoying a traditional Bahamian feast of delicious BBQ rib, Bahamian peas ‘n' rice, and exotic fruits. 

Charlie’s Place

Ok, there is a myriad of amazing restaurants and stalls to choose from when it comes to eating on the Bahamas. So many places to choose from that it can be overwhelming! Which is why it’s worth knowing that you haven’t truly experienced authentic Bahamian cuisine until you have been to the Fish Fry on Arawak Cay. With a mouthwatering collection of restaurants serving up traditional Bahamian food every day, the only problem will be deciding what to have. From conch salad to fried fish, there is something for everyone’s taste buds here. 

However you choose to spend your time in these beautiful islands, one thing is for sure – you will never forget it!

5 Must Visit Destinations in Prague

By  Krzysiu “Jarzyna" Szymański  - Own work, CC BY 2.5,

By Krzysiu “Jarzyna" Szymański - Own work, CC BY 2.5,

The capital city of the Czech Republic is one of the top destinations in Europe. Prague’s one thousand years of existence gives it a rich history that is embedded in every part of the city. For visitors to the city, this means that Prague is filled with a wide variety of interesting places to see. It’s even become a growing destination for people who want to work remotely.

Strahov Monastery

Comprised of two 17th century libraries, the Strahov Monastery is arguably one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. It’s divided into two main halls, both of which are decorated with ceiling frescoes similar to the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, except these are framed by ornately gorgeous wooden reliefs. The Baroque Theological Hall has around 18,000 religious texts, organized via an old and beautiful card catalog system with decorated wooden cartouches that specify which titles are on which shelves. Meanwhile, the Philosophical Hall holds over 42,000 ancient philosophical texts. There’s also a room filled with ocean specimens, minerals, anthropological artifacts, some remnants of the extinct dodo bird, and glass cases filled with wax fruit.

Kingdom of Argondia

This psychedelic kingdom can be found on a small hill in Prague. It’s actually a former mill that was converted by artist Reon Argondian into his home. He covered the walls with a hand-sculpted facade that looks and feels like a natural cavern. Instead of bare rock, he filled the space with gorgeous and strategically placed swirls of paint, and his paintings. The result is a veritable fantasyland. A uniquely psychedelic feast for the eyes that you’re unlikely to see anywhere else.

Olšany Cemetery

Prague’s largest graveyard is a leisurely walk through the city’s history. In the late 17th century, when burying plague victims within city limits was deemed unhygienic, the site of Olšany Cemetery was designated to be the official cemetery of Prague. It served this purpose for centuries until a variety of art nouveau graves turned it into a sightseeing spot in the 20th century. Today, its 12 different sections can be explored via the “Learning Trail,” a historical guide for those who want to explore the cemetery chronologically.

Astronomical Clock

Since 1410, the Astronomical Clock in the Staré Město district has been chiming every hour. As one of the few still working astronomical clocks in existence, it’s complete with a Zodiacal ring as well as indicators for Babylonian time. Make sure to see its figures move at least once during your stay in Prague. The hourly occurrence features a procession of 12 apostles along with figures representing greed, vanity, and death – the last of which strikes the time. It’s surreal, macabre, beautiful, and educational all at the same time.

The Museum of Alchemists and Magicians

Back in the 16th century, Old Prague was the hub of alchemy and dark practices in Europe. Under King Rudolf II, the sorcerers, alchemists, and magicians of the world had a safe and conducive place to practice the dark arts without interference. The remnants of this time in the city’s history are now located in the Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague. Inside are stacked textbooks with instructions for all sorts of spells, incantations, and otherworldly creations. You’ll also find aged scrolls, half-formed homunculi, proto-science artifacts, arcane tools of the trade, and even a tableaux of a dark ritual in a magic circle. We’re not saying the place is cursed, but just watch your step.

The Best London Attractions That Don't Make Headlines


London might be more closely associated with its main attractions than any other place in Europe. That is, if you’re visiting London, you probably already have a list of places you’d like to see before you even start thinking about it. But it also happens to be a huge city with a lot of really interesting stuff going on, which means it’s a good idea to look past the guidebook headlines and top-10 lists you’ll find when you do start thinking about what to do and see. 

The following aren’t exactly off-the-beaten-path destinations. Some are very prominent, and some are quite famous. But they still represent a deeper layer of London landmark tourism than, say, checking out Big Ben and Buckingham Palace!

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court

Buckingham Palace gets so much attention - and deservedly so - that you almost wouldn’t know there are other palaces nearby. But Hampton Court Palace is another sensational royal residence that you can visit as a tourist. And it’s arguably a more entertaining place to explore. There are all kinds of activities for visitors, from exploring a 300-year-old hedge maze to attending festivals to touring the rooftop.

South Bank

South Bank

There are a few different parks in London that get a lot of attention as traveler hot spots, like St. James’s and Hyde Park. But the South Bank might actually be the nicest outdoor area to explore for a few areas. Essentially a sort of tree-lined promenade on the Thames, it’s a very welcoming stretch, lit at night by lanterns along the walkway and with tons of restaurants in close proximity.

Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge

Here again, we have a spot that is simply overlooked in comparison to other, similar attractions. The Tower Bridge is a mighty, impressive landmark and one of London’s most famous sights. The Millennium Bridge, however, is also a gorgeous piece of engineering, and one every visitor to London should explore. Built via Britain’s Heritage Lottery Fund, it was actually created to celebrate the year 2000 and still seems to be one of the city’s more modern features.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

It’s easy to forget that there’s a selection of museums in London given that the British Museum commands so much attention and other attractions like Trafalgar Square and Westminster Abbey have plenty to say on their own about British history. But there are other museums, to be sure, and the Natural History Museum is frankly incredible. With displays dedicated to dinosaurs, outer space, recent science, human history, and more, it’s quite the learning experience as well

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

The Kew Gardens also get overlooked sometimes because of some of the popularly recommended parks around London, as well as because some of the royal palaces and castles in and around London have their own meticulously kept grounds. But this is one urban botanical garden you should make time for. Claiming to have the largest botanical collection in the world, it makes for a beautiful excursion for anyone who enjoys nature. And make sure you don’t miss the Temperate House - it’s a massive Victorian glasshouse with upwards of 10,000 plants inside.

Tottenham Stadium

Tottenham Stadium

This stadium doesn’t actually exist yet, and what’s more, we don’t know for sure what it will be called. But Tottenham Hotspur, which plays its home football in London, is transitioning from White Hart Lane to a new arena that’s quickly taking shape and is expected to be ready for the 2018-19 Premier League. These days it seems that any new football stadium in a prominent country or league is magnificent, and by the look of things, Tottenham’s new home could become the new best stadium in London (which is saying something). 

My City Break in Amsterdam


When visiting Europe it would be a shame not to spend a couple of days in this remarkable city. With its unique architecture, amazing art collections and a truly vivid nightlife, Amsterdam has plenty to offer all its visitors. When you are there it seems like there is never enough time to visit all the stunning locations and sites this marvelous city has to offer. So I always tend to choose several different items each time I visit just to make sure I get to soak in as much of Amsterdam as I possibly can.

A Walking Tour of the City

Amsterdam Walking Tour

This is the perfect way to start your visit. Usually when I get off the plane I prefer to move instead of just sitting around. Luckily there are numerous free walking tours of Amsterdam, and I try to pick a different one each time. With a whole array of great guides, who have different stories to tell, there is never a dull moment. All you have to do is book your tour online or by phone and decide on the date and time. It is usually up to 20 people in a group so you don’t feel overwhelmed, and the beauty is actually hearing about the city from the people who love it and live in it.

A Day at the Rijksmuseum


One of the best experiences I have ever had was visiting this magnificent museum. The sheer size and architecture of this place will leave you in awe. Just a quick note though, the lines at the entrance can be quite long, and considering the ever changing Amsterdam weather, it would be wise to pack your Go Travel pocket poncho so that you don’t get soaked. Once inside brace yourself, the amount of stunning works of art is overwhelming. From the famous Rembrandt’s auto portrait to his Night Watch, a colossal painting covering an entire wall of the museum. It will take you several hours to walk around the entire museum, but it is well worth it. After your tour you can take a break at the nearby Vondelpark, one of Amsterdam’s most relaxing locations. Or in case you haven't had your fill of art, get to the Van Gogh Museum, it is just a short walk away and you can continue to marvel at the grand artworks of the true masters.

And for Fun

If you want to experience a bit of adrenaline rush and at the same time capture some stunning views of the city you should definitely take a ride on the giant Ferris wheel at the Dam Square. There is usually a bit of a line but nothing major, and after your ride you can pay a visit to the wax museum right there at the square. You can also take a break and have a delicious meal at one of the local cafes and restaurants. Considering I have some dietary restrictions regarding gluten my favorite was the  Greenwoods Singel, a quaint little place where you can get the tastiest gluten free, vegan and vegetarian meals along with a wide array of quality local cuisine.

End Your Trip on a High Note

Waffles in Amsterdam

There is no shortage of a great night time scenes in Amsterdam, from bustling cafes to music clubs and cabarets. One of my favorite places to unwind and dance to some great live tunes is definitely the Bourbon Street Music Club on Leidsekruisstraat. This vintage jazz club with an old school feel hosts live music session seven nights a week and offers some of the best beers on tap. It is definitely worth your while. It opens its doors around 10 PM so you will have plenty of time to have a drink or two at a nearby cafe and taste some of those famous Dutch waffles. Finally, when it is all said and done and it is time to go home, take a few hours and sit by the side of one of numerous canals and just take in the unique energy of this remarkable city.

The one thing about Amsterdam I can guarantee is that it will keep inviting you back for more, and you will never run out of sights and locations to explore and discover here. Until next time, goede reis!

3 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Spain


Spain is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in Europe. In addition to the nation's excellent food and beautiful scenery, there are plenty of great tourist attractions you have to see when you visit. Whether you go alone, with your significant other, or the whole family, there are countless sights and amazing adventures that await.

A lot of people like to take tours of the many museums where they travel. Some like to take advantage of the many beautiful, historical buildings that you can find just about everywhere you go. Others like to take excursions through natural parks and forests, and spend time outdoors. Depending on the type of experience you're looking for, here are a few attractions that can meet everyone's expectations.

Basilica of the Sagrada Familia ( Photo by  Bernard Gagnon )

Basilica of the Sagrada Familia (Photo by Bernard Gagnon)

1.     Basilica of the Sagrada Familia

This basilica is an incredible sight to behold, regardless of your religious background. Its located in Barcelona, Spain. When you visit you can listen to an audio tour while you take a look at the breathtaking Medieval Artwork. The stunning architecture and the stained glass windows that line the basilica are unique and unlike any other basilica in the world.

If audio tours aren't your thing, you can take a private tour to get a good grasp of the history inside the building. Regardless of how you experience the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, make sure you plan on taking time to really enjoy every detail; most people recommend planning to spend anywhere from two to three hours here, and there are plenty of amazing Spanish restaurants within walking distance to grab lunch or dinner after you're done.

Museo Molinos Mazonovo  (Photo by  Tuscasasrurales )

Museo Molinos Mazonovo (Photo by Tuscasasrurales)

2.     Museo Molinos Mazonovo

Unlike many traditional museums, the Museo Molinos Mazonovo is a themed museum that adds an exciting and natural element to your historical experience. While you learn about the mills that this museum is dedicated to, you can also take in the breathtaking views of this historic place. You can take a tour that will take you over cobblestone bridges and over stone walkways that take you through beautiful forests full of streams and waterfalls. This attraction is located in Taramundi, Spain and is recommended for guests of all ages. Although it is a little out of the way it's highly recommended by everyone who goes there, as well as the bar nearby to get a bite to eat after your visit.

Montserrat  (Photo by Antonio De Lorenzo)

Montserrat (Photo by Antonio De Lorenzo)

3.     Montserrat Tour with Tapas and Wine

This wine tasting tour is a favorite among tourists for a wide variety of reasons. Your tour starts off in Barcelona, Spain and includes transportation to the Montserrat Vineyard via a really unique train called a cogwheel railway. During your trip, you'll experience amazing views of the countryside. Guests can enjoy samples of different wines and food, including pastries and cheese. You will be able to explore the land on foot on your own or travel with a group and the guide. The area is rich in historical value and this tour is one of the most educational and relaxing options offered in all of Spain. This tour is meant to be an all-day excursion, as it takes 7 to 9 hours to complete from pick-up to drop-off.  It's certainly worth dedicating an entire day of your vacation to Montserrat.

Regardless of where you end up during your trip to Spain, you are sure to find an exciting, all-around experience full of history. Be sure to plan ahead in order to take full advantage of everything offered by this unique culture.