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It's getting too hot for planes to fly in Phoenix, Arizona. Oregon's National Parks are going to start restricting the number of visitors, airlines are cutting flights to Cuba and more travel news.


Episode 18: Camping Trip on Budget

Join me as I borrow gear via Nextdoor.com, search Craigslist for free stuff, and find quality camping equipment at a local thrift shop.

EPISODE 14: Climbing Mt. Everest

Surviving the mountain's two deadliest disasters and overcoming adversity, with Alex Staniforth.

Episode 12: Cuba

Listen to our favorite Cuba episode as we journey to Trinidad.

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 Go: (gō) v. move from one place or point to another; travel.

Go is a podcast for the curious traveler.

Alex Cwalinski


Alex Cwalinski is a travel writer, podcaster, and aspiring dog whisperer. He was once paid to be a Ninja Turtle at Comic Con, he was once a Force Reconnaissance Marine, a commercial fisherman in Alaska, and a Gaucho in Argentina. He likes short walks on the beach, chocolate, and lengthy naps. Alex likes telling stories and wants to take you on adventures through his podcast. Having lived in Europe, South America, both Coasts of the US, Alaska, Norway, and the Middle East, Alex captures his many adventures, plates it, and serves it in small portions to share with you. He hopes to inspire the travel bug in you, and to document some of the planets most amazing places. Follow him on twitter: @alxptrc

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