5 Reasons Travel is Good for Your Health

Travel and Health

Research consistently shows that travel is good for your health. So book that ticket and check out our infographic for our top five health benefits of travel below:

Travel and Health


Increase Heart Health: Adults who take vacation at least twice a year, were less likely to die of heart attacks or any other coronary cause.

Be Happier: People who don't travel are more likely to suffer from depression. Frequent travelers are less stressed and have improved psychological functioning.

Stay Smart: Traveling keeps the mind sharp and increases creativity. Experiencing new cultures, foods, languages, and currencies maintain healthy cognitive function.

Boosts Immune System: Traveling exposes the body to different kinds of bacteria and viruses. This exposure strengthens your body' immune system.

Keeps You Fit: There is no better way to reach 10,000 steps a day than traveling. Hiking, biking, and lots of physical activity often take place when you're traveling.

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